Fall in love with getting healthy.


"I can now take what I learned and pay it forward"


The biometric screening was a wakeup call

Fall in love with getting healthy.

You just know it:  Healthy employees cost you less. What’s more, healthy employees are more engaged and are happier at work.

The missing piece:  How to help your employees achieve better health.

At Ignitehealth, we are passionate about helping your employees to achieve long-term, sustainable, healthy behavior change, through offering a complete suite of wellness management services.

  • Biometric Screening
  • MyIgnitehealth Online Health Portal
  • Customized Wellness Programs

At Ignitehealth, we want you to fall in love with getting healthy.

Improve the health of your workforce.

Improve your bottom line.

We are committed to providing high-touch wellness programs and services that actively engage your employees in making and sustaining behavior changes that can lead to improved health. The guiding principle behind all that we do is the recognition that improving the health of your workforce is a win-win for everyone.

The evidence is clear: healthier employees equal happier, more productive, and less costly workers.


We understand that one size definitely does NOT fit all. We offer highly customizable wellness solutions that include the following:

Biometric Screening – Our screening experience is intentionally designed as a powerful catalyst for positive and lasting behavior change. Our biometric screenings provide your employees, and you with powerful baseline data critical to developing a focused wellness strategy and more effective health improvement programs.

MyIgnitehealth Online Wellness Portal & Health Assessment – With access to a personalized wellness portal, your employees will access lifestyle change programs, based on the stages of “readiness to change,” and guided by the results of each individual’s Health Assessment.

Wellness Programs – Your wellness program can be enhanced or managed by our experienced team of health coaches and health promotion specialists providing customized on-site, or interactive seminars for groups or individuals, on topics such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep improvement and tobacco cessation.

Data Analytics and Reporting

You can’t monitor what you don’t measure!

It makes intuitive sense that a healthier workforce should be happier, more productive, easier to retain, and less expensive to provide with medical care and insurance. But we understand that intuitive logic is not typically enough to satisfy the CFO and other key stakeholders. It is for this reason that Ignitehealth provides a variety of employer reports to guide program evaluation and management decisions.

The following reports are available:

Aggregate Biometric Screening Report
Includes summary data on the biometric results from your workplace screening. This report includes group-specific summary and recommendations for areas of concern. Year to year summary and cohort reporting is included, where applicable.

Health Assessment Summary Report
Includes de-identified aggregate data on the most important health status indicators in your employee population. This report includes data on both medical and lifestyle risk factors, risk stratification and information on risk factor specific readiness to change. This report includes benchmark data and also year over year summary and cohort reporting.

Coaching Summary Report
Available to groups that offer one-on-one wellness coaching to their employees. This report includes information on coaching participation, outcomes and satisfaction.


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“Americans are living longer but unhealthy behaviors continue to compromise our health:

• 1 in 4 adults is a current smoker
• More than one in three adults is obese
• Only one in five adults meets recommended levels of physical activity
• Fewer than half of adults with high blood pressure and less than a third of adults with high cholesterol have it under control.”

— Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, October 2014

Ignitehealth biometric screening


“When I had my Ignitehealth screening I was concerned about my weight, waist circumference, LDL Cholesterol, BMI and blood sugar. These results, along with chronic back pain and treatment for high blood pressure convinced me that I needed to make some changes.

Six months later, my weight is down 30lbs, and my waist circumference has dropped by 3”. The health screenings and online risk assessment are an excellent wake-up call and motivator to get in shape. My mood, concentration and energy have all improved along with my self-confidence. I like the way I look and feel! So does my wife!”