MyIgnitehealth is an online, web-based wellness platform which provides fun and engaging fitness challenges, online education, exercise and nutrition tracking, personal health assessment, health coaching tools, social features, points, rewards and program management and more! All within your own private corporate wellness portal. Designed for you to help your employees get and stay healthy, this personalized program focuses on lifestyle areas where change can have the most beneficial effect on overall health.

MyIgnitehealth Kick-Starts a Healthy Change

The experience with MyIgnitehealth begins with a thorough Behavioral Health Assessment. Secure and confidential, it takes just minutes to complete.

Several key areas of the platform include food and fitness journals, and calorie, exercise and weight trackers.

Solid Year-Over-Year Metrics For Meeting Your Organizational Goals

Robust reporting demonstrates the value of the platform in impacting health and productivity. The reports provide a comprehensive picture of population health and reflect progress toward achieving organizational goals.

MyIgnitehealth identifies areas with the most potential to improve health. The platform focuses on diet and nutrition, physical activity, and weight management, with plans to build out stress, sleep and resiliency offerings.

See how easy tracking can be! Employees will know what requirements they’ve completed and which components are outstanding, right from the homepage.

Employees can earn points through completing Wellness Incentive Programs and Classes.



“The MyIgnitehealth portal and biometric screening were both very exciting, we enjoyed working with the staff who are very dedicated to providing a great experience for you. We really loved how our staff are able to sign up on their own and how well the team works to keep the flow of appointments going. Navigating around the portal is very easy and fun to use, the awarding of the points are expedited very quickly.” 



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