Ignitehealth:  Full-Service Biometric Screenings

Our highest priority is to create a positive experience for our clients from the high level administration, all the way through to the employee participants. We take care of every aspect involved with organizing a screening event at your workplace.

Biometric Screening
Employees will get a full biometric screening with a triplicate automated blood pressure reading. Biometric values will be entered into our proprietary health risk calculator to calculate each individual Ignitehealth Quotient™ (IHQ). Appointments run 15 minutes long and offer enhanced exit counseling, reviewing follow-up recommendations and targeted education on lifestyle risk factors specific to each participant. All participants will receive a copy of their results written in Ignitehealth’s Biometric Screening Results Brochure.

Ignitehealth is committed to meeting the needs of your organization by offering packages that meet your budget requirements and are impactful to your population. Ignitehealth’s Event & Communications Specialist (ECS) will work with your organization from start to finish — managing every detail of your biometric screening event. After discussing your wellness program goals, Ignitehealth will provide you with quotes for potential packages to help you explore the program option that is the best fit for your organization. Once you decide on a package, the ECS will create branded promotional materials, pre-drafted emails and a convenient online scheduler to help you engage your employees in the screening process.

We feel strongly that biometric screenings are a personal experience, and we take pride in our personal approach with our clients. Staff will be welcomed at the screening event by one of our highly-trained Coordinators. They review the screening form and HIPAA documentation with each employee to ensure accuracy. Once completed, the Coordinator will introduce the employee to their biometric screener. Employees work with one screener from start to finish – no stations, no herding. This personal experience allows our team to give your staff the careful attention and reassurance they need to interpret and understand biometric results and what that means to their health journey.

Clinical Oversight at the Highest Level
The Ignitehealth screening staff are rigorously trained to ensure accurate results while providing a positive and informative experience. Ignitehealth operates under the very stringent New York State Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program and is registered as a limited services laboratory.

Our Clinical Operations Director (COD) trains all screening staff and completes initial and ongoing competency evaluations. The COD reviews screening results, and personally follows up with employees considered high-risk to ensure that they are receiving appropriate care when applicable.

The Ignitehealth Quotient™ (IHQ)
The IHQ is our proprietary risk score calculator that assigns individuals an overall health risk score based on the gathered biometric results. The IHQ has been designed by our Medical Director and COD to assign a numeric value to a participant’s biometric results. Individual IHQ scores are based on lipid profile, body mass index, blood pressure and diabetes screening values. Assigning an IHQ helps participants get a picture of their overall health. Employers often use this IHQ to help assign wellness program incentive levels and determine the next steps individuals can take to improve their overall health.

Creating a Seamless Road to Wellness
Ignitehealth clients also have exclusive access to our online wellness platform, MyIgnitehealth. This online resource allows your employees to input their biometric data, complete a Health Assessment and track their health journey.

You can encourage your employees to continue their health journey by completing a Health Assessment. We can make it easy — even for those without computer access at work — by providing an onsite registration kiosk staffed with an Ignitehealth Coordinator to assist your employees with registration and immediate completion of their Health Assessment — once again removing intimidation for those who might struggle if unaided.

Customized Packages

Ignitehealth realizes that clients differ, strategies differ, as do budgets, so we offer a range of different customized packages to suit clients where they are. Our packages range from offering an event focused solely on Biometric Screening to a fully-staffed MyIgnitehealth Health Assessment laptop kiosk station, and full year round wellness coaching strategy with on-site staffing. Additionally, Ignitehealth can provide the following services:

  • Billing on-site screening claims to insurance
  • On-site Cotinine (nicotine) testing
  • PCP Form Collection- Forms submitted by participants unable to attend the on-site screening will be collected and included in employer reporting documents
  • LabCorp Off-site screening- Access to LabCorp’s extensive laboratory network for participants who are unable to attend the on-site biometric screening events
  • Tobacco or Nicotine attestation forms and collection




Over 45% of individuals who participate in an Ignitehealth biometric screening discover personal health risks of which they were previously unaware.




“The Biometric Screener that was assigned to me was very nice. He made uncomfortable situations not so uncomfortable.”

“Impressed. Very well organized, respectful service and very quick.”

“My Screener was very knowledgeable and friendly. She explained my results in a way that did not make me feel bad about them, but educated me on how to improve them. It was my first time participating in a biometric screening and I appreciate her professionalism and kindness.”

“Everyone was kind and courteous! The process from sign up to completion was well thought out, and the Ignitehealth team planned for individual confidentiality. Well done!”