Why choose Ignitehealth?

The key to a successful wellness program is a positive, seamless experience from the high level administration all the way through to your employee participants. We will take care of every detail involved— starting with organizing and executing your screening event, then facilitating the completion of the MyIgnitehealth Online Health Assessment, and managing on-going wellness programs — whether it is onsite events or individual coaching. We make it easy for you and your employees to fall in love with getting healthy.

How does it work?

1. Designing Your Program
We will work with you to establish your wellness program goals. Our biometric screenings and wellness programs are completely customizable. This ensures you will receive a program that fits your budget while meeting your business objectives. Once you schedule your screening date, you receive branded promotional materials, pre-drafted communication pieces, and a convenient online scheduler to help you engage your employees in the screening process. We will also work with you to design a customized approach to incentivizing your employees to participate in the onsite screening event.

2. Biometric Screening
The Ignitehealth screening staff make the entire process hassle-free for you, as well as a positive and informative experience for your employees. Biometric screenings are a personal, and for some, a potentially intimidating experience. We think of all the details ahead of time, saving time, improving efficiency and preventing mistakes. Your employees work with one screener from start to finish – no rotating stations – no “herding.” This personalized experience allows our staff to give your employees the careful attention and guidance they need to interpret and understand their results.


Once the screening is completed, your employees can easily complete their own online Health Assessment. Designed for you to help your employees get and stay healthy, this personalized program focuses on lifestyle areas where change can have the most beneficial effect on overall health. This brand new solution promises positive results, not only for the individual, but for your company, working to better manage healthcare costs and optimizing performance and productivity.

4. Wellness Programs
Your screening and Health Assessment Campaign are completed, but the journey to health improvement has only begun. Ignitehealth offers programming that engages employees in healthy behaviors resulting in lasting lifestyle changes, as well as meeting your long-term program goals. We offer a wide selection of topics for group health education, health challenges and one-on-one coaching- onsite, online and over the phone.


“There isn’t anything better than the knowledge and understanding of what we put into our own bodies and what we serve to our consumers on a daily basis. With that education I can now shop not only for our community home but for my own home with confidence.

The things I once never thought about — processed foods, carcinogens, the difference in all natural and organic vs. not, all play a factor in my shopping routine now. I’ve always wanted to make sure that my family and the close people I care for are as healthy as they possibly can be. I can now take what I have learned and pay it forward.

Since meeting with my Health Promotion Specialist we have made changes to the way we eat here at the community home. We also have passed along the importance of health and exercise to our fellow employees. Our residents are now eating healthy foods and enjoying them. We hope as staff we can make a difference in their lives — a healthy difference.”




“Workplace wellness takes advantage of employers’ access to employees at an age when interventions can still change their long-term health trajectory.”

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